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Blockchain Incubation
Disrupting the Airline Industry

Ticketing & Distribution Platform   ·   Non-Fungible Tokens   ·   P2P Marketplace
Decentralized Identity   ·   Verified Credentials   ·   Corp Travel Payment   ·   Industry DAO


Ticketing & Distribution Platform

Blockchain to Disrupt Airline & Travel Industry

  • Blockchain Infrastructure Platform for global industry - protocol to govern sale, distribution & use of autonomous airline tickets
  • Decentralized Identity - Self-sovereign travel identity coupled to passenger not airline ticket
  • Hyperledger PoC / multiple patents filed

  • Eliminate intermediaries: GDS, PNR, DCS, OTP, banks, etc.
  • Payments settled in minutes across borders
  • Single shared record across all stakeholders
  • Shift industry model from Aggregation to Collaboration

Eliminate Airport Security Lines

Increase security by linking an "Anonymous Identity" to your ticket, while obscuring all privacy & health data.
A single identity used across all airlines! 


Global P2P Marketplace
for airline tickets

Sell your ticket or return flight, any time to anyone.
Plan a trip a month out without risk, sell your ticket an hour before your flight, trade in your return flight...

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